Sliding a little sideways (Atlanta Photographer)|Wheeltracks Photography

Ok, so I will be the first to admit, growing up I was a road racing fan. I never liked Nascar, quite frankly i think that might be one of the dumbest forms of motorsports. But, again that is just my opinion. A little harsh I know. But why am I saying this? I’m saying this because I absolutely love racing, I have all my life so far and probably will for years.

But why say this? I say this because I just recently realized how much i honestly love the idea of cars, racing cars and what have you. For over 8 years, I had a car that I modified, loved and made it something to be proud of. Granted I wasn’t done with what I wanted to do. But, I was so tired of riding first gear every day down the highway during rush hour for school. So I got a daily driver that was reliable. I also got into photography, which as you can see has become a passion and love of mine as well.

But, recently these past few weeks, as a result of reconnecting with someone whom I have not spoken to in years, it’s allowed that love for cars and wanting to build one to reignite. I never got to finish the one that I once had and I have always told myself that I would get another one, and do it all over again to finally finish where it started.

This past weekend I went to Atlanta Drag Way to watch  drift event at a car show called Nopi Nationals. The last time I went to this event, was back in 2005. Drifting was just getting recognized in a bigger way as it was only a “Demonstration” and not an actual competition as it was this time that I went. It’s so awesome to see how “grassroots” it is. I feel like its died off a little when it comes to mainstream, but the people who love it and enjoy the hell out of it still do it no matter what. That was exemplified here this past weekend.The event went on for two days; Saturday was practicing, and Sunday was Qualifying and the actual Competition.

Over those two days, I shot a ton of images, and came out with about 225 good ones that I have gun to distribute to the racers. You can check out some of the images below or go to my Facebook or Instagram (@davisonwheeler). If you’re  reading this and you were on of the drifters, you’re more then welcome to contact me via fb to get a link that I can send you with images more than likely of your cars.

nopi drift-14 nopi drift-25 nopi drift-43 nopi drift-52 nopi drift-64 nopi drift-79 nopi drift-106 nopi drift-136


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