A little bit of Atlanta’s Skyline | Davison Wheeler |Atlanta Architecture Photographer


A few years go, I fell in love with a form of photography that I honestly really never think of. Most of you who read this,  know that when I First started, I was all about doing landscapes and scenery. I would do what ever I could to take images in that. Most of the images that you would see pop up on the early stages of my Facebook page, or this blog would be either pictures of my car, or landscapes that i thought were awesome.

Of course, as time went on, it definitely changed and I was a lot more conscious of what I was shooting and began to develop more of a love for shooting people. That definitely took even more form as time went on and I went to school learning so much more of the technical side. Especially when it came to that of photographing portraiture. However, as time went on through the photography program that I was enrolled in, we started to venture into the world of Architectural photography. One of the first images that I took of a building (the proper way) was with a large format 4×5 view camera that we had at our disposal at school.

I will admit entirely that I was INCREDIBLY intimidated with this camera. A lot of the way that you used it when you first began didn’t make sense. All of us in my class were stymied because it was so primitive. The few knobs that used to adjust the perspectives, zooms, orientation and what have you just seemed so simple, yet hard to grasp the understanding of how to use the camera.  I can’t even begin to tell how frustrated I became when we first started to learn how to use that thing, the assignments that they made us do were incredibly asinine! I only say that because they were some of the hardest things I have ever had to do with a camera. I had to take an object, one that would fit in the ground glass plain of the camera and make that object the same size in the camera that it was in real life. They did however teach me darn well how to use that camera in the long run. I actually ended up enjoying using it after a while.

As we went on through the program, we were actually finally able to use the “digital alternative” which was a DSLR (a Canon 5D Mark 2) and a tilt shift lens.  We had the option of between a 24mm, 45mm and a 90mm. The pickings were slim so we had to sign up early to get one of them. Had we not been able to use one of those we had to do a lot of correction in Photoshop which could have taken a while (honestly I didn’t mind doing it). A secret about most of my images in my final portfolio that were Architecture; 2 of the three exterior shots were taken with a normal wide angle lens and corrected in photos hope and one was taken using tilt-shift lens, but without a tripod.

I grew to love photographing buildings more and more. I got privileged at the time to be able to photograph inside The Glen hotel in downtown Atlanta and I LOVED the way I shot their conference room. To this day it was one of my favorite interior architecture photographs. That hotel was a key to me being able to get ahead on many of the assignments that I needed for that class and I am really thankful to the woman that allowed me to use the hotel a lot to do so.

Architecture-6By the end of the program, like I had said at the beginning of this post, I had grown to love taking pictures of buildings. In the next year, I am wanting add this type of photography to my business model and try and begin photographing more buildings in and around the Atlanta area and possibly in other states. When the light hits the building right, and the sky compliments the buildings well, the pictures can be nothing but spectacular. Below are a few more the ones that I have shot over the years.

Architecture-2 Architecture-3 Architecture-4 Architecture-6 ArchitectureBuckhead_Building_OnesymphonyArchitecture-7


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