Photographing an Early Morning| Davison Wheeler Atlanta Commercial and Portrait Photograph

When I got started ( before I even considered doing this thing as profession ) all I really loved doing was taking pictures of landscapes. I thought I got really good doing it honestly. Black and whites were honestly my favorite and I think by the end of the first year I had gotten pretty good. I had probably taken a photograph at every county park around me. Once I had started school for it, my love for landscape photography kind of took a backseat. Not because I wanted it to. But because throughout school, the assignments were not really focused on that. Now, I will admit, I should have continued to photograph more and more landscapes during my free time, cause I always loved doing them. But, I had to focus on so many other things.

Fortunately about a year in, I was able to kind of use my love for it once again. We began to develop the knowledge of shooting infrared photography. This was a brand new love of mine. I enjoyed being able to use my love landscape photography (what I think I have eye for) and this new thing infrared photography. It was an awesome thing to learn. After I graduated school. I have been more focused on photographing people and shooting weddings.

For the longest time, I kept getting told by my mother that the sunrise on this particular part of a road was such a beautiful thing to see in the morning. She had always looked it on her way to school in the mornings. She always would say “you should take a picture of this, Davison! It’s so awesome!” I had planned on it for months! I had gotten so busy with other things that I had not been able too. But, the other day, I was able too.

I had rented a lens for a wedding the week before, and figured out I had a free weekend coming up. So, I woke up at like 5am on a Saturday morning before a race I wanted to watch started, and needing to return the lens. Drove the spot on that road, stayed in the car for about 30 minutes till I could see the way the sun looked.

I got out and set up my tripod, put my camera on it, set the camera’s settings at F16, put it on bulb and did about a couple of bracketing shots. Got where I wanted it to go when it came to the images on the camera and then went home.

I played around in Lightroom and Photoshop with it, to get the desired look that I wanted to get with the picture, and that was that. I will have to say I think it came out really well, and photographing this scenery honestly brought back the love to shoot landscapes that I once had. Hopefully look for more landscape photography from me.

mom pic-9-Edit-Edit


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