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A 1962 Corvette

A 1962 Corvette

So, a while back I had been asked by a neighbor from my childhood neighborhood if I was able to do senior pictures for her daughter who was graduating this year. I said of course! Well, originally we had planned not only to do your typical images that you see for senior photographs, but she was also interested in possibly getting photographed with one of her favorite cars as a kid. I said that is absolutely no problem! Unfortunately when we had scheduled the original shoot, the gentleman with the car was not able to come out that day for the shoot. So I was asked if we could do it at a later time.

Fast Forward to last Sunday and we did it! The car as you see above is a 1962 All red corvette. I can see why this was the Ariana’s favorite car when she was growing up and now as a young woman. The car is  beautiful.

Anyway, I go there about 30  minutes early so I could get all of my equipment out of my car and set up. I didn’t have to wait to long as a gentleman in a red ford with a beautiful corvette pulled up and asked “I am guessing your here to take pictures!” I said “yup!” and had him park on the other side of the road and offload the car and bring it to over where I was set up. Ariana and her family arrived a few minutes later and we got started.

The session on took about 45 minutes (including set up and photographing). It honestly didn’t take to long. I want to make sure that I go the car lit up just right and that the pictures were not going to be so blown out. We actually did the shoot about 5pm in the evening while the sun was still out in full force. To counter act that, i dropped the f-stop all the way down to about 16 so that every little light was let in. I had the shutter hovering around 160 fps, iso at auto just because it was super bright already and I used to external flashes. One external flash (the one that I had positioned on Ariana) had a soft box focused on her so that she would be light up correctly. The other external flash was off over to the right hand side of the car high up, maybe about 7 to 8 feet high and pointed down onto the car so the car would be illuminated properly. As I re positioned her around the car, I repositioned the lights, mostly just moving the flash that was aimed at her.

Above all, I think the shoot went great and I am incredibly happy with how all the images came out. I wanted to make it a point to not do very much editing to these images, and I didn’t have to. The way the lighting worked kept the colors looking great and her properly I have put all the images that I decided were the best finals down at the bottom for you to view. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to comment!

Ariana_R-8-Edit Ariana_R-40-Edit Ariana_R-37-Edit Ariana_R-34-Edit Ariana_R-30 Ariana_R-29-Edit Ariana_R-23-Edit Ariana_R-20-Edit Ariana_R-19-Edit Ariana_R-18-Edit Ariana_R-9


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