Creativity in an already creative industry|Atlanta, Georgia Photographer

Being creative is one of the hardest things to do in photography. Being original is even harder. One can be creative, but how creative. A lot of that has to do with originality. However, originality in the business of photography is almost non-existent in this day and age. But what makes things original in this day and age?

Originality in the photography industry is a hard one to create. Take a railroad track image for example. For those who are beginning in the hobby of photography, later possibly a business, it is one of the most widely used. I was even looking on my Instagram account this evening (you can follow me at @davisonwheeler) and saw a leading lines image of railroad tracks! It was definitely a good picture, but it proves my point of how widely used, especially with leading lines. Also, railroad tracks are a very widely used backdrop and or theme for portraits of people.

lindsay 6

However, railroads are honestly just one of the many widely used themes. There are a lot of others. If it is Spring time and one goes to a public park and you walk around and almost at every “spot” in there, you will widely see many being used. I am guilty of it myself so this is not a “shame on you” type of thing. I go to any local park, Piedmont Park for example, and it is filled with photographers taking photographs on a nice sunny day. It’s a common thing for one photographer to be using a spot, and one move in to use it as well. Alas a lot of that has to do with the location that one chooses to use.

Choosing a location is critical when it comes to taking a photograph. Especially when comes to what we have been talking about through this article. With so many things having already been done, originality is hard thing to come by in this industry. Not only is the location critical, but it’s how you shoot at that location that can make all the difference, along with what you do with the particular image after the fact (in post processing and such). That’s where good and or bad locations come into play.

Deciding on a good location takes planning, scouting and a lot more before you actually begin to shoot. A photographer needs to be that game changer, that one that has no rhyme or reason to think about what anyone in the industry has done before or is doing at the time. Try and succeed at doing something different, without taking those ideas and copying, take those ideas and make them your own. Put your name on it.


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