A review from me: Fuji X100 – The “Noisy Cricket”

File Apr 18, 9 51 52 PM

Ok, so I have never really done this before on the blog, writing a review that is. But, I about fell in love with this camera so I thought I should. Now, I want anyone who is reading this blog (as you hopefully have been for some time now) to understand that I am and always have been, a Canon user and a Die-Hard one at that. I have had friends who have basically converted over to a four-thirds cameras, panasonic to be exact and while they are amazing camera’s I just can’t seem to do it.

With that said, the camera I want to talk about today about the Fuji X100. Granted ok this is not going to be a  massively in-depth review, you have to cut me some slack. i just wanted to write my take on it as a person who uses a professional camera to make a living. Now I know this has been done before. There are people out there that have put this camera though such a rigorous review that they practically took the camera apart down to its circuit boards, I on the other had, did not.

Quite frankly, all I did was call up my shooting partner from my wedding business, The Photo Collective, and ask him if I could borrow it for the day while I was down in Atlanta with a friend of mine taking some pictures of him that he wanted. Then, as i was driving down there, I said to myself “I am going to do a review on this camera!.”

Anyway, here goes. So yes, I borrowed the Fuji X100 from my friend. Decided on the drive down to Atlanta to give my take on it, and that I will do. With that said, I LOVED this camera. OK, so there were a few problems at first, the idea of the camera is to go back to how camera’s once were with the basically full manual control. Yes, granted its still a digital, you can change exposure settings and such through the actual digital menu, BUT you have the knobs on the outer body of the camera that is giving you the ability to do it as you would an older style film camera. I will admit, at first, I was perplexed as all get out. I think it took me half down to Atlanta to begin to figure out it. But, once I did, I fell in love quick with the quality.

atlanta outting

The pictures that you see above you are in order of the pictures that I took. Yes, I have show these before in a previous post i did about going down to Atlanta. The one of my buddy is the one I took right after I figure out how the hell to use the damn thing an not be taking consistent dark images. Granted there is a little bit of editing done to them, but not that much. The quality that comes out of this camera, right straight out of it is fantastic. I was stupefied of how good this camera is camera’s image quality was IN the camera before it is even put into an image processor. Granted it made it that much better after it was run through Photoshop and Lightroom.

Another great thing is that it as able to be used with my Canon external flashes and Yonunguo flash triggers when I was doing the photoshoot so being able to use external lighting equipment would be no problem when you are taking pictures with it. My favorite thing though is the exposure of this camera. You don’t have to do much to make the exposure right, I mean honestly, I only did slight adjustments through out the whole time I used it, and that was mainly for the depth of field that I want to maintain. When you used the external lighting, it just made it THAT much better. like you see below.

Tim Chard Atlanta-27

All around this camera is by far one of the better smaller “point and shoot” style camera’s that I have ever used and will definitely be picking it up as soon as I can. However, be advised that it is in fact a little pricey, this base model is around 600 dollars new. Granted I am sure that you can find one a little bit cheaper used. But, I don’t see many people parting with this little guy. The “Noisy Cricket” as a photographer friend of mine calls his is a great find definitely suggested.


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