Just a little RAK: Random Act of Kindness


For the longest time, I never really understood this abbreviation “RAK.”  I kept seeing it all over the internet for a while; both on Facebook and other thing such as blogs I randomly followed. I really started seeing it the most on a fellow photographers Facebook news feed. He would go out at random times during the week and walk around the city, giving helpful things to the homeless or people that just flat out needed help in some shape or form. I thought it was cool, did i do it myself? No, I didn’t Ill admit it. Not that I didn’t want to help people out but at the time, I wasn’t really able to and quite frankly probably needed the help myself.

So what does “RAK” stand for? Well, as I stated before it’s an abbreviation for “Random Act of Kindness.” Basically, you just help someone out, pay it forward, no questions no expectations of something in return, you just help! Honestly I have been that type of person these past few years. I began to tip well to servers, stopped questioning why to do something that may be good for someone else, and just did it. I have always put someone first, but now-a-days, its become kind of a second nature thing to me.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a fellow group member of a local Atlanta Chive Chapter reach out to us to possibly preform a RAK of a girl that she met off of the couchsufing.com website. This woman whom she was wanting to help, is an aspiring actress and was from Kentucky. I heard from the woman, and we set up  time on Saturday afternoon. We got together down in Atlanta and walked around Piedmont Park for about an hour an a half and got her some nice head shots!

Helping people out is what I love to do, and I hope these photos make it a little bit easier for her to get towards the goal that she is trying to obtain. Good luck Dusty!


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