Test…Test…One-Two – A day of testing


It’s a hard thing to kind of fathom when I look back on where I started over 8 years ago. When I started doing photography, honestly all I wanted to do was shoot cars. Come to find out, 8 years later after getting pushed in the direction of going to school and obtaining my degree, I would be at the point where I would do some testing for a modeling agency.

Back at the end of February I reach out to a local model agency to see if I could possibly do some test shooting with them. I had actually done some photographing of their models back at the end of 2014 when I attended a photographers meet up at a local studio. Thats where I originally got introduced.

It took a few days but I got a response back and they were more then happy to send me some models for some test shoots. Kristen, their booker and I set up a day in the middle of the month of Match. So, I contacted a local studio and set up a block of time that I could rent it out and do some shooting.

Shooting day came, and I won’t lie, I was a little scared. Ok, well not scared, nervous. It was the first one that I had done. I was prepared and knew how I wanted to shoot, but you know how that goes, most of the time even though you’re prepared, your scared to fail. But, I went through the motions, believed in myself and just did the do! I came out of that that day very confident and after two weeks of working on them (coupled with a very busy schedule and crappy internet service, I sent them off.

I got word back fro the agency letting me know that they loved the images, and a few in particular. That was a good reassurance to the fact that I have indeed come a long way. I can’t wait to do it again.  I would like to give a shout out to Gene Pennington and his studio Atlanta Photoworks as well as Ursela Weidmen and all of her models!

below are a few examples from the day.

Caroline_USM-33-Edit Caroline_USM-12-Edit Caroline_USM-103 Caroline_USM-10-Edit Caroline_USM-2-Edit Abby_UWM-85-Edit Abby_UWM-72-Edit


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