A weekend away with a good friend

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It has been a while since I have been able to go on a trip (albeit this one small) with a friend. A granted this was a weekend trip to pick up a free TV from an aunt of mine down in Jacksonville, FL. But it was a trip that was needed for not only myself but my best friend Tim that I asked to come along with me. A chance to talk, catch up, and just kinda reflect on things then, now, and hopefully to come in the future.

tim chard-154Recently, Tim came home-He’s been in Japan for the last three years where he’s basically stationed himself after a lot of travels around the pacific oceans abundant amount of countries. Back in 2010, he decided to start traveling again. Prior to this time around he had lived in Australia for 8 months exploring the outback, sleeping in fields, randomly hitchhiking with truckers going through the out back to make their deliveries ( there was even a driver named Texas!). But after a stent stateside, for a little under a year, he got bored and got the travel bug again. For over the past 4 years, he’s been traveling through out Asia. First stop was South Korea-where he taught english for a little over a year and a half. After that, he made his way through Laos, Vietnam, some places in Malaysia. His final resting stop? Japan.

Tasked originally as a vacation with a friend, he fell in love with the city. The music scene was strong. He is an aspiring DJ/Music Producer (you can check his stuff on the music community Sound Clound), the culture was something he loved being around so he set up camp in the city by getting a share house and becoming an english teacher on again like had done in South Korea over the 2 years he was there.

Over the two and half years Tim was in Japan, he taught english, had a corporate career at a financial consulting firm located in Tokyo and developed a music promotion group that although was small it had its loyal followers. He also became somewhat known over there in the music scene via his music promotion that he started with friend and his amazing ability to DJ. But, It was time to come home.

After a quick visit to visit some family over in London, and then Maine to do the same. He made his way back to Georgia. To get away and clear his head, I asked him if he would like to come with me to FL to pick up a TV my aunt wanted to give me for my new place (free? Um, YES PLEASE!) SO we got our stuff together and headed down there on the 13th of February to stay for the weekend. Once we go there around 1230 we passed out, then in the morning we went and visited St. Augustine. Tim’s only been to Jacksonville once when we were traveling through to pick up a friend on the way to Miami for a music Festival back in 2010.

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St. Augustine was a good moment to just kind of take in the sites. Supposedly it is the Oldest Settlement in the history of North America (that is LONG running debate between my parents, both being from FL). It has been a few years since I have been there myself so I didn’t really remember a lot of it. I always loved the Spanish Fort that was there, granted I love history in general, so I wanted to show him around the city.

We walked around the fort for a second, I took a few pictures, and then walked around the town. We definitely started to get hungry after walking around and going in a  few of the shops, and ended up stopping in a nice restaurant on the main street portion of the town. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant but, due to the pretty awesome customer service, I remember the guys name that served us (i think he was the owner too).

Captain Steve, got us some food and, even got us something I didn’t even think about before, a warm cider and fireball. OMG was it amazing.  Once we got some food, we head back to Jacksonville to do a quick take at the beach. Went back to my aunts house, broke down the TV and its stand, had some food with my aunt and uncle, then went and had a beer a cousins bar he bartends that I have not even seen in about 7 years. The only way I knew it was him was the way he walked!

Since we did all that in one day, and then headed home the next morning on Sunday, it was a quick trip. But with getting to go together, and just talk and help each other figure some stuff out. You can’t have a better time. I’ve known this guy for over 20 years, and its been a pleasure and a privilege growing up with him and seeing us attempt to obtain the dreams that we both have. He’s been my best friend for these 20 years, and I know for another 20 he will still be around.

Kampi, Tim!

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