Early morning and overcast


There are people here and there that one wants to do repeated sessions with through the course of ones photography career. Maybe that person goes well with the look that you do as a photographer, maybe they are just a good subject shoot, or heck (while it’s not photo related)-maybe they are just a good person. A couple of weeks back I think all three were honestly the case instead of just one.

Back at the end of the month of December, I had a few hours to kill one Sunday and I wanted to do a shoot with a girl that I had shot a few times in the past. During my time in school, she was nice enough to let me do a couple of photo sessions with her for some assignments as well as my final portfolio building. We’ attempted to try and photography a few times after that over the past couple of years but it never really happened; either she was busy-or I was.

None-the-less, We had a couple hours that one morning before she had to go to work and I had a photography meet up to go to later that afternoon. We met up at a park that we had done a session together back in 2013 when I did an infrared shoot with her. I didn’t want to do anything to over the top. Just wanted to honestly focus more on her and utilize the tall grass. The image a top this post is the favorite of the day and you can view the others from the session as well, below.


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