A “Grungy” Golden Hour

Ok, so on my last post, I introduced you to the idea that I wanted to attempt use an external flash more and more when I am doing portrait sessions. This session while I intended to use the flash, I kinda forgot to put new batteries in them….and the car while it wasn’t a long walk, it was a walk(Don’t judge me!). Anyways, I met Lindsay (the girl I have been shooting recently) up at a public park here in Gwinnett County that I have not used or shot at in a while, probably about a year since I have. It was somewhat a last minute thing, I had been working on a paper for school that whole weekend, and for the love of god did I need a break. Lol when I say writers block, I don’t even think that word was a good way to describe how blank my mind was at that moment.

Ok, staying on topic,  I called up Lindsay and asked if she wanted to shoot, of course she said yes lol. Well we met up at the park, and shot for about an hour and a half. I had used one of the locations at the park before, and the other, I hadn’t but had thought of a pretty cool idea for one of the shots. For the shots near the train cars, i wanted to take advantage of the sun going down in the back ground and possibly use a flair form the sun that could come through on the lens, I think that went well.  I also used the railroad tracks themselves-used them as somewhat leading lines into and away from her as the subject. Again, I think they were executed well.

With the editing I wanted to warm it up a little bit but I didn’t want to over do it.  I realized a month ago, that I have been over doing the editing. For some reason I thought it looked good, but when I look at some of the images that I shot during school, versus the images that I have shot maybe over the past 2 years-my creative freedom got the best of me and the quality kind of went down cause of the post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. I’ve now made it a point to watch that.  Below is an example of the first location at the park that we did the shoot at:


The second location was where I could be a little bit more “grungy.”  As I had stated before I have used the location before, but its been about a year or so since I had. I had asked Lindsay to wear something that could possibly come across as “grungy.”  She wore a mostly all black outfit with tan combat boots that helped match the shirt that she was wearing with the color of the image on it. However, the color honestly didn’t matter too much anyways because I had decided to put all these images in black and white.

This was also the spot that I had planned on using my external flash. But, as I said earlier in this post, I hadn’t changed the batteries (insert a Homer Simpson “D’OH!”). But it didn’t matter. I went ahead and shot anyway. I had to compensate for the light that I had lost due to the sun being a little bit lower. Which wasn’t a big problem, just meant I needed to do a little bit more post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. Either way, this set came out really good as well. Below is an example of the shoot at this spot at the location:


As most of you know, I have photographed her before ( hence the last post I did).  From the last session her and I did at the other park to this one,  you can see a very big change in how they came out. When it comes to her as the model, she has grown in comfort level and posing ability, she has grown substantially. Her and I have a lot more shoots in mind to do, those will be in a  studio session and more than likely focus on her tattoos that she has. I will say that I am very pleased with where this shoot ended up before and after they were put through post processing. I know they will only get better the more we shoot together and I can’t wait.

Till next time!


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