A fun fall night photo session

Ok, so for a few months I have been trying to get more people to shoot. I have been slacking on my photographing of people over the past few years. Portrait sessions have been few and far between. So, a few months ago, I made it a point to try to get more sessions under my belt. Back in October, I put out what I guess you could call, a “casting call” to have people to shoot. I won’t lie, I got the usual ” I would love to shoot, just let me know when!” responses from some people. It never came to fruition. Which is par for the course so I can’t really be mad at them. But, one person who has been down to shoot whenever was up for the challenge and made sure of us being able to shoot when we could.

A friend of mine that I met only a few months ago, Lindsay Bryan, is trying to get her portfolio up and running and let me know that she was definitely down to do a session at any time. Well, back in November, I was up for doing a shoot one evening at a park that I photograph at every now and then. This time, I did it a little different. I used an external flash on most of the images. Honestly I normally do natural light, but I wanted to try it out and well, I did.  I was going for a fall theme; with her wardrobe and as well as with all the orange and red leaves in the back ground, along with the treatment. Take a look at the photos below:

This was a good learning experience, for not only myself but for Lindsay as well. For me, I learned more about using the external flash off my camera. I am used to using external lighting more in terms of actual strobes in a studio; like Alien Bees and Photogenics. Using my Yonunguo Flash was something I have tried before, but honestly not as successful as this time.

With Lindsay, she had never really done a lot of “modeling.” She had gotten photos taken of her and her son but nothing where the focus was on her. Getting her comfortable in front of the camera was not a tall task and you could tell that as the hour and a half went out she felt more and more relaxed.

Overall, it was a good feeling session and I feel like many of those images above were a successful attempt at using my off camera flash.

Till next time!


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