A Carl House Wedding


The Carl House

The Carl House

So this past Sunday, HOT Sunday afternoon might I add,  I had the opportunity to help out a fellow photographer at a wedding.  Kimberly of Blubird Photography had a wedding out in Winder at the Carl House Sunday evening. I had never shot at the Carl House so I definitely wanted to go and give it a look. You never know what bride you book may have their ceremony there in the future! This was one of Kimberly’s first formal weddings and she asked me to come help out after the bride had asked about doing some things that she wasn’t too sure she could do alone. I was more than happy to, I always like being helped when I asked so I want to return the favor.  I had finished up my wedding obligations the day before down in Atlanta with The Photo Collective, my other photography company that I use to focus on weddings. By the way, please be on the look out over at The Photo Collectives blog for an entry on that one. It was such a nice little wedding!

I got to the Carl House around 430 and we started doing details of things like the shoes, the garter, the rings, etc. After that, we split up. Kim went and took care of the girls and I went in and I went into the guys room while they were getting the final things together. After that, I went back down to where the ceremony was going on outside and just kind of discussed plans with Kim as far as were to stand what to shoot, how to shoot it etc. After that, I posted up to get the wedding party and the bride and groom as they were coming down and photographed in various places through the wedding but focused mostly from the back of the guests getting wide shots with my 16-35 that I had rented from Aperature Rent and close-ups with my 70-200. We were not asked to stay for the reception but we stayed a little bit longer to get some of them making their entrances. After that we called it a night! Below is one of my favorite images from that wedding. and Please give a look at Kim and her work on her website!

A bride walking down the aisle at The Carl House

A bride walking down the aisle at The Carl House


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