A Trigger.Happy Evening

Group Panel Discussion at the May Trigger.Happy event located at PPR

Group Panel Discussion at the May Trigger.Happy event located at PPR

Ok I would first like to ask for you to disregard my horrible iPhone picture quality! We took a picture of the happenings last night and did a hashtag of #TriggerHappy to try and win a contest. Don’t judge it was not with my DSLR!!!

Ok so I will be honest, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to talk about with this blog post that I had planned to do this week.  I originally had thought about talking about the Indian wedding that I had second shot this past weekend, but then I realized that honestly that may actuality take a lot longer then I would like to explain so that will probably happen next week. So be on the look out for that probably this time next week, maybe sooner.

Ok, so on to yesterdays activities I will say were pretty awesome. I had been looking forward to being able to go this little meet up for almost a month. I had tried to go to some in the past but I could never get to one cause I had always had things come up or I was so darn exhausted from this job that I attempted to have that I didn’t want to make the drive.  but man was it a wrong decision. Granted yes, I have only been to one of these so far, but I got such a good feeling about it. You know how you go to some of those events, meet ups, get together’s-what ever it is you want to call them they are all practically the same thing? Well, this didn’t really feel like that.

The night’s events were focused around the relationships photographers have with the vendors throughout the time frame leading up to and during a wedding. Questions like, how do you handle the guest being in the way of the photographer? How do you approach the vendor when you need more time shooting, how do you let the vendor know when something has gone wrong.  I’ll be honest with you that’s one of the things that I have a struggle with on a continual basis so coming to this was write up my alley.

One of the most important ones in my book was how does one approach a vendor to create a relationship. How do you do this before, and how do you this after the wedding. How is it that the vendors NOTICE you? Well, the one answer I came up with and definitely took away from that question and answer part of the session was SIMPLICITY, just simplicity and nothing else. Well, I can’t say JUST that, its also making sure everything runs fluid. Making sure that the photographer and videographer are communicating with each other as well as the venue and the coordinator. Above all, in order for things to remain good, remain happy and allow your relationships to grow with not only people within your own profession, but also the other pivotal roles….you have to remain happy. You have to make sure that things run well. You have to make sure that the people that you want to work with see you as the person you want to be seen as not who you assume they see you as.

We are all busy people; photographers are busy getting their gear together, their albums and prints for customer and many other things.  Videographers compiling all of the main and b-roll camera footage together, not to mention trying to figure out how they want the wedding video put together. Not to mention both the venue and the coordinator themselves.

Above all the most important thing to point out through this interaction of the panel getting asked questions, and the panel just speaking their mind to give insight to how they see the industry is relationships. If you do not have a relationship with other vendors; whether it is the venue, the coordinator, other photographers or the videographer. Then you will not succeed in this business with out doing a lot more work then you really should. Be mindful, be happy, DO what you love with everyone else in mind. Cause, at the end of the day…if the relationships between each other before, the day and after…things will not run smoothly, on the big day and through out the course of you building your business. -Cheers!


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