All Day At Olive Studios

Owner of Olive studios Jordan Flores getting ready for "Them Hebrew Boys in the studio

Owner of Olive studios Jordan Flores getting ready for “Them Hebrew Boys in the studio

      I am sure many of you have friends that you have had since high school as well as people who you knew from high school, nut never really talked to that much. Well, that as the case with me. Jordan (the owner of Olive Studios) and I went to high school together back in the early 2005’s I had known him through my best friend at the time and hadn’t really talked that much.

      Couple of months ago he and I reconnected through Facebook (I saw his name on the “People you may know” thing, haha). We got to talking and I found out that he was really into video and had been for sometime. Come to find out he had been doing it since high school. He’s been doing really awesome for himself over these past few years; traveled and lived in Africa for two years. Worked and DJ’d some relatively big festivals over there. Came back, married, had an adorable kid and is doing some awesome stuff.

     Jordan founded Olive Studios back in 2004 right after he graduate high school and has taken his love and passion for music and video around the world and back. Now nestled about an hour out side of Atlanta in Monroe, Ga he’s built this beautiful studio where new and up and coming artists can have his awesome talent sky-rocket their already amazing talents.

oilve studios-8      I met up with Jordan a week ago, grabbed some lunch  and talked for a bit then had the privilege to go back to his studio and take some photos of the awesome space and take some photos of the beautiful set up. He had asked me to come and help him out a little bit by shooting some promotional photos of a couple of guys that were coming to do some work.  He had been working with them already but hadn’t had the chance to do any shooting in the studio when it came to video and photos so that’s where  I and another guy came in.

      The group that came in that day was a group called Them Hebrew Boys, a christian Rap/Hip-Hop group that  has a pretty cool sound to them. The group consists of 3 members, but that day only two of them could come in and tinker around in the studio.  But definitely didn’t slow them down!

Jordan played them a track that I had played for me earlier. It’s something that he threw together a few days oilve studios-230before and it sounded awesome. It could be taken a bunch of different ways and with the vocals on it will sound really good.  The sound is a long the lines of an EDM feel, had somewhat of a LORDE and ELLIE GOULDING feel too it with the up beat tempo, which of course all EDM has in it. The two guys of the group didn’t really write or anything to this type of music normally but they got right to writing while listening to the track on a loop and eventually just started laying down on the mic. The vocalist in the group was up first and personally I think he was killing it.  The more and more he kept putting his lips to the mic, It really started to bring the track that Jordan had made to life.

oilve studios-287     Next up on the track was the rhymer of the group, he had been pecking away at that touch screen keyboard on his phone the whole time while the other was on the mic. His turn came and he didn’t disappoint.  Having not really laid down any lyrics to this tempo of a track it was a little bit of work to line up the lyrics with the beat. But after a few attempts he got the hang of it and things started coming together for him. I am really excited to hear the end product of this track and what the two of them, and I am sure the third member of Them Hebrew boys is capable of putting down on it, Expect their EP to be coming out sometime soon.

     One of the best things that I noticed when it came to being at the studio with everyone was the type of environment that existed. The type of vibe that Jordan and Oliveoilve studios-293 Studios likes to have is that of creation, guidance and just lending that helping hand when it came to them being stuck on how proceed with the track and the sound that they were going for. Creating music is the goal at Olive Studios,  and it happens without question.

This track took a great direction of an inspiring and upbeat sound  where I know a great message will be said. I know the final product will do the same. Olive Studios in my opinion will be one of the best places that you can grow your musical talent, create musical magic and just have fun with great vibes. Please make sure you go to


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