Engagement Session In A Park!

© Wheeltracks Photography -Davison Wheeler

I have been really blessed these past few weeks to be honest with you. Been able to get to know a lot of couples. First was one at stone mountain with a really down to earth couple, and then two week sago, I had the pleasure of photographing a friend that I have known for around a little over 5 years. We met when I came to my mom’s school back in I believe 2005 helping her move a bunch of stuff from one classroom to another. Her mom and mine are teachers together at a local elementary school and have been teaching together for I think almost a decade! Crazy huh!


It was awesome when the bride, Kaleigh asked if I could photograph her and her fiancé Pete’s wedding. I was more then willing to do so! I met Kaleigh and Pete at the typical meet up spot of Starbucks for the consultation and that was that! I asked them to think of a place that they would love to get their photos done. We had decided on Hurricane Shoals Park out in Jefferson, Ga.


This park is really cool. I had been there before when I did a family photo session where I shot another clients kids. When you first come into the park, there are a ton of transplanted buildings spread out in a field that you can go into and explore, after going over the covered bridge there’s a river that had a big rocky area that you can walk out on and take more pictures. I didn’t even know there was a gristmill there till I explored a little before they got there. I love these picture and they are such a great couple! I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in September!


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