Graduation Time!

    Its become that type of the year again! School’s beginning to end, classes are FINALLY winding down and finals are starting to take place. While most colleges only have about a week left in class, public school systems are still on the grind for the next two months. Down here in Georgia, since we had that heck of a winter, it messed up most of the school systems around the metro area. Normally we get a few cases of winter like conditions, they may miss a few days. But, when they mess up a whole week…well, there goes the normal release date!

     I had the pleasure of getting together with a senior who is actually graduating this year from my own high school that I once attended and graduated from. Garrett Lowe is a really nice young guy, plays LaCross for the school and from what I hear is pretty good. One of the things about this shoot that was cool was the truck he now drives was his granddads. His granddad unfortunately passed away and Garrett was given the truck that his granddad once owned. One of the cooled things, which I think is very admirable of the Garrett is that he keeps a hat his granddad once wore on the dashboard of the truck.

    We had such a great time this past saturday, on such a beautiful day and I am really pleased with the images that came out of this shoot. It was a very simple one, no over the top or extravagant setting or placements, just Garrett and his very nice truck!


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