Well as some of you guys know I recently a that the beginning of December got nominated to be one of the artists to contribute work to the RAW Artists:Atlanta Showcase. This is a show case where underground artists have the positional to show their work of arts and to give exposures to themselves and why they can do as an artists. Well today, i was the featured artists on their websites. Such a good day to bring in 2014. 2013 began to finally be a good year at the last half of it for me. Granted I did take somewhat of a ‘half hiatus’ from doing photography, doing things here and there to keep myself at least in the know. but this is something that I really and going to use as my break out for 2014, there I get started on all that is needed for me to get back in the game. I cannot wait to be around others whom share and have that same passion and desire as I do. 

If you have a moment. please visit my profile to view my bio, look at some of my work, and use the link at the top of my profile to purchase a ticket if you are in the Atlanta area to come see my work as well as others. If you cannot come, please view the 15 dollars that you would spend as a donation to RAW and their continuing help to bring underground and up and coming artists to light. Much love to you all.


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