A Dying Medium

A couple of weeks ago I had a weekend where I went down to Decatur, Ga. with my family. I was small business Saturday, so we decided to go and visit some of the local shops down there; grab lunch and shop. We got down there and ate lunch at a place called the Raging Burrito. that was some darn good food. Way better than Moe’s. All fresh ingredients, and the burrito that I had was MASSIVE. So worth it though.

photo-2When we got done eating we walked around the town of Decatur visiting stores here and there. But the last one was the best. It was a small record store at the end of all the shops. Had a TON of old vintage vinyl’s  and, even though it hurts to say this showing my age, CD’s. It’s crazy to think how that medium is already becoming archaic .


Another really cool thing, that in my opinion is kinda symbolic, is when my brother-in -law and I walked outside and were waiting for my sister and dad to finish up their shopping in the record store. On the trash can outside the store, there were dozens of CD seal’s stuck to a trash cans outside metal casing. It may seem like a pointless thing to most people. But, If you think about it, it really is kind of symbolic. Granted most people probably just really wanted to listen to their CD and dint want to litter, but Whom ever first did it kind of started a trend.

All in all,  even thought his probably doesn’t really mean a lot to most people. i think it is a showing of the times, and where this is culture is going. I am all for making things easier and putting all the music on the phone or MP3 players. But, just the idea of having something physical to play just feels so right.

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