A little time at Fort Ogalthrope, Ga

    I haven’t really had the chance, let alone the opportunity to go out on my own with just me and a camera and shoot lately. I did that today. Filled up on my car with some   anticipation of doing some other stuff this week. I decided to just drive out kind of toward Loganville. Hoped on 81, and decided to turn into Fort Ogalthorpe Park. I had never been in there so why not? Something knew and I was in the mood to shoot a little bit, what ever I might be able to find.

 fort ogalthorp

First one I came up on was what seemed to be a pretty cool house. And honestly this was probably the best thing that I could find without traveling too far. It was getting cold and i forgot my jacket. Its becoming winter, GO FIGURE! Anyways, Stopped here took a few shots of it and some old wooden fencing that they had. I thought it had been pretty cool. if you ha followed some of my earlier work. I had an obsessive infatuation with photographing old buildings. I still do, but I have done so much with people; weddings-editorials and family/senior portraits.

  fort ogalthorp 2-2  I got back in my car to warm up a bit and drove a little over to the other side of the park. I had no idea that there were two entrances, that was kind of cool. On the other side though, I really didn’t find too much to shoot. Honestly, these next two shots I felt composed well and where the sun was setting plus the way i did the processing on them made them come off really good  more.

Walking down the path a lithe bit more, there honestly wasn’t anything else. The paths were really well lit and if I as shooting people (which might I add, I pass a family getting theirs done). I saw a little bench that was lit decently. By this time the sun was setting pretty good so getting a good reading on it was a little tough. But not something i couldn’t work with. I got down low and shot straight on with a f-stop of about 2.8, I kept my ISO around 400 and I think my shutter speed was like 325. All in all it was a good picture. fort ogalthorp 2

I felt like this was a pretty cool image so its one I will stick with.  I was walking back by that family on the way back to my car and I stopped and mentioned this little bench with the way the light was going on it. I figured it would be a good  place for them to get their pictures taken, and hopefully photographer with the camera knew what she was doing!

-Till next time everyone!

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