A little Soldier (Atlanta Children Portraits)

Ok, so this was a story that I honestly wanted to tell because I think its pretty cool. Recently I got to go out Hurricane Shoals Park in Jefferson, Ga and Do a family photography session for a really good client of mine. I must say first off that Hurricane Shoals Park is awesome and if anyone every wants to think about doing any type of old-timey shoots there. It’s the perfect place for that. The minute you drive into the park, over on the left hand side there are a ton of old buildings that they transplanted into this field. SO MANY photo opportunities exist in this park its incredible.

Anyways, for a bout a month now I have had it planned on my calendar to go and photograph this family that has been really loyal to me and my brand over these pats two years. I have seen their kids grow from babies and I’ll probably honestly be taking pictures of them for years to come. Well, originally it was planned that we were going to do the photo session on the 13th of the month of October. I get a call the day before and Billie, the mom, says that her daughter spanned her ankle on the play ground the other day and they won’t be able to do the session. Not going to lie, I was kinda bummed I always get really awesome photographs of these kids. Well, we rescheduled it for the 20th. She was supposed to be pretty good by then. 20th comes and Billie said her daughter is still having some pain. I didn’t want to make her feel obligated to go and do it so I said we could call it off and just reschedule again. well they wanted to get it done, who knows when the next time will be!

We all get out there, the brought candle and bubbled to keep her occupied and it totally worked she was awesome. Well, come to find out, a few days later after the shoot, they took her to the doctor for more tests, that poor girl had broken her ankle! You could barely tell she was in pain at the shoot, standing up when needed (for a quick picture btw, not long haha). Not once did you even see an ounce of pain on that little girls face. She was a trooper, a soldier if you will. One of the reasons I love this family. They are just awesome. Below is one of my favorites from the whole session.

brow family-465-Edit-2


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