From One Thing to Another (Atlanta+Photograph+Portrait+Weddings)

Ok. so I won’t lie, I have been really bad about updating this thing the past few months. I made a post back when I had just graduated from my photography program and I think at that time I had promised that I was going to update this a lot more. Well, we see how well that went. And, I do apologize for that! I have been doing a lot lately, trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with it all, photography that is. Also, where I wanted to take it, what my niche was going to be, how I wanted to handle the business. Well, I have been doing a lot of stuff. 

At the beginning of this past month. I was fortunate to photograph a walk for an association that is near and dear to my heart. Most of September I have been doing some videography for a small production company out of my home town, filming my old high school.  I got together with my friend and new business partner Grant Norwood of Norwood Photography and did a photo shoot for a good friend of mine and his Bassick Music promotion out in Japan.  Check out the video below.

Just recently I have been shooting some other things like a wedding and a few portrait sessions.  October is looking to be pretty busy,  I have a couple of portrait sessions lined up. Some family’s are wanting to get their pictures done, and then a senior session! I also have some things coming up with a new venture that I formed with Norwood Photography. Keep a look out for the photo collective.

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