I’m Human. I am a photographer. A Declaration (Atlanta+Photographer)

I sit here listening to a song on my Pandora count. Might I add that apparently my internet connection either does not like this particular song, or I Pandora hates me. One of the two could be the case.

Either way, I am sitting here writing this blog post; the Adjustment Bureau is on in the background. never seen it so I will probably pay a little bit of attention to it who knows. But not till I get done with this post, after my initial unrelated ramblings of course.

So a few days ago, I did a post on my blog that pertained to the fact that I had finally finished my Commercial Photography degree after two years of hard work. and I stand by that last part of the statement. Hard Work. I have not been pushed, stressed, depressed and happy all in a small period of time like that, like I did in those two years. All two years was accompanied by stress but it seemed as though the first year was happy stress, and the second year was depressed, I want out more than anything stress.

But, that’s not why I am writing this post. Again me and the intelligent ramblings! Anyways,  I read a post today from a photographer, well I guess I should call him a furniture builder named  Gavin Seim.  In this article he spoke about the over indulgence of the fact that everyone with a camera considers themselves a photographer. Whether it’s a small point and shoot, camera phone, or someone with an SLR on auto. Everyone  considers themselves a photographer.

That term now a day has become so convoluted, saturated if you will in the world of photography. To think, not even 20 years ago. photography was not only a profession. but an art form. Not to say it is not either of those tow anymore. But few and far between, is it correctly portrayed.

You have people who pick up a camera, after going to a retail store, then the next day post up on fb that they have started a photography business and will charge someone 50 dollars for head shots. But why? I understand its quick money, but are they really a “photographer”? Personally I think not.

If you are a photographer, you are not just that, but you are an artist. Being an artist is something that not many people can be.  You someone who knows how to manipulate the light, make a picture tell a story. You are a person that can take something that was thought of in your head, and capture it right in the camera with MINIMAL “fixing” in post processing.

It’s amazing to me to see that we have taken a culture, a life style, a profession and minimized it to such a bland word. I have to agree with Gavin and say that. From this Day forward. I am an artists, not just a photographer. And not many people can say that.


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