Once An Intern…..Tomorrow On Top


 So I can honestly say these past few months, have been some of the most rewarding months of my “so-far” career. How did this happen? I can honestly say it all started because of High School football and a school assignment to get the best sports shot. I liked it so much that I continued to photograph the games well after the assignment was turned in. What did that do for me? Well, I had contacted the loganville-Grayson, Patch. A local newspaper of my surrounding area and asked them if they would like me to cover the Grayson High School Football Game. At the time they were the hottest team in High School Football in Georgia, so they jumped on it!


These past few months after the fact, have been really good to me. I have no problem saying that. We were asked by a professor of mine at school to think of what type of internship we would like to do for our “Practicum/Internship” class that we were going to have during our Spring semester of school. Keep in mind its the second to last semester of my time at Gwinnett Technical College. I am then thrown to the wolves and to fend for myself, hah! Anyways, because she asked us to start thinking of who we wanted to start interning for I came home and thought about it and came to my final decision rather quickly. As a matter of fact, I think I actually let her know before the Fall semester even ended. My choice, The Gwinnett Braves.


The Gwinnett Braves are the Minor League Baseball team of the Major Leagues Atlanta Braves. I decided to go with them because I have done other things; shooting weddings, portraits, events. Stuff that you would probably think of when you are wanting to be a photographer. The one you probably don’t probably think of as much are the guys sitting at the side lines of the foot ball games, or the one s getting run over at the end of the basketball court. Those photographers produce some of the best images in the media today. The Superbowl, the Final 4, the NBA championship, Daytona 500, Le Mans 24 Hours. All of those photographs are taken by people, either contracted by a company or free-lancing and then selling their images. I wanted to get my taste in this. So I applied, interviewed and was one of the 5 that got the position.


What do I do there you ask? A few things. There are three positions; two of which are regularly used, and one that is used from time to time. In my eyes the main position is the Game Action photographer. As this, you are responsible for photographing the game all nine innings. A secondary responsibility is to help the Promotional shooter get any of the activities on the field if they are not able to get them at the time. Once the action shooter is done with the game, we upload pictures requested by the higher up so they can put it on the blog. I tell you it is awesome to be able to see your own pictures on the blog the next day when you go onto the website.


The second position is the Promotional shooter. This photographer shoots things going on around the stadium as well as on the field when there are the happenings. We will sometimes be asked to shoot certain autograph signings up on the main level called the concourse of the stadium when one of the players is signing promotional posters or other memorabilia. While the game play is being played, we are able to shoot some action shots as well so that the game is completely covered. These promotional shots are later uploaded.


The final position is the Spotted shooter. This is a position that was crafted by our local Gwinnett Daily Newspaper. With this we are to walk around the stadium taking pictures of the fans. Personally this is the position that I have the hardest time with but, its definitely been a good learning experience and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This photographer is only there for about 2 hours. We start about an hour before the game begins and finish having uploaded the images, by the end of the first ending beginning of the second.


For the main two positions; the Game Action Photographer and the Promotional Photographer , we upload everything to an online account. This online account is so that anyone who has access in the Braves organization or the Minor League Baseball Organization can use them how they see fit. This is also where we upload images at the end of the games for the Action so that our media relations people can grab an image from the game for the blog post that they do for the game after it is all said and done.


I have compiled some of the images that I have taken over the past few games and put them in the slide show down below. Please take a look at them and comment, tell me what you think. Thank you for reading!

braves braves-19 braves-18 braves-17 braves-16 braves-15 braves-14 braves-13 braves-12 braves-11 braves-10 braves-9 braves-8 braves-7 braves-6 braves-5 braves-4 braves-3 braves-2


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