The Intersection of an Old Barn

For about two years now I have been working out at a small gym in Lawrenceville. The gym is on an intersection of two busy roads. About a year ago, they added a new section onto one of the busy roads and it brought attention to this broken down barn that had always been there, but I had never really thought twice about it. Once I started to notice it, I REALLY wanted to photograph it. (For some reason I have a really big thing for old broken down barns, especially in black and white. I don’t know why, haha.)

Days kept going by and I never really had the chance to photograph the barn, I was always too busy, or something came up. One day I saw a photographer walking with a mom and her daughter to the barn. I am assuming it was for senior pictures or something, who knows. So that got me thinking. I really wanted to photograph someone with that barn as the background.

Well, I was finally going to get that chance. There is a girl who is a fellow classmate of mine that is beautiful. I am not afraid to admit that! So I really wanted to photograph her! It took me two months, but we both were finally free, it was warm and no dang clouds were in the way! I will have to say, it was definitely some of the best portraits I have done (yes I know I have said that before, but I really mean it)!

Take a look at some of them below and tell me what you think!:

Jessie Tiff files-8 Jessie Tiff files-14 Jessie Tiff files-18 Jessie Tiff files-22 Jessie Tiff files-23


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