Commercial Photography Part Deuce (Commercial+Photograph+Atlanta)

So the last post that I had done was on a commercial photography assignment that I had been assigned in school. Well, I had taken them to my teacher, and she wasn’t very fond of them. On_Location-26-Edit

I can understand why, especially after she had explained it. She wasn’t to fond of the composition. For example the image to the left, the composition was off, the red bull being next to the Gatorade didn’t make sense in the shot.

Another one that wasn’t really as good as it could have been was one with the hands in the shots. She had told us that we couldn’t have people in the shots, but I wasn’t really sure if we that applied to hands, so I had put the hand in there. This way you could kind of tell that one was choosing the Gatorade over the red bull as the better choice.

I wont lie, I honestly thought it would be a better shot, and to me, I still think it is. But that is m being subjective. After all It is my own shot. So of course I will like it because i shot it. On_Location-54-EditBut I can see where she as talking about Using hands and “hand models” is a whole different ball game. Lets be honest, I don’t have the prettiest hands haha.

So because of all this I went back and attempted to re-shoot, The Gatorade bottle. I think I did a pretty good job but I once photographed it a friend of mine pointed out some things to me that I didn’t think about a the time.  As you can see I added in a tennis ball to the Gatorade shot. Unlike the first photo. On Location Finals-27In the first photograph, I had intended to have a basketball in the background, but I couldn’t find mine so I had gotten a red bull instead and went with that, but it didn’t work out as well as I had wanted too.

But, to the thing that didn’t make a lot of sense, It’s a product shot, for advertising purposes, yet it’s not “cold” meaning that I didn’t have any condensation on the bottle at all. Which, if you have seen most Gatorade ad’s there is always some presentation of it being relatively “chilled” this was not. Other wise i feel like it’s a good picture.  The next shot was one that had a lot of good lines in it and symmetry. the only problem with it was that the tennis balls were too saturated. I tried to fix that in Photoshop. but it didn’t help it out it still looked saturated and just didn’t work. On Location Finals-24 Other wise it would have been a good picture. I can see what he was saying by the symmetry of the lines, the two tennis balls, it all made sense. I will have to go back and re-shoot this one with better lighting.

Along with the Gatorade that I shot you saw that I had implemented tennis balls into the shots, to give the “sports feel.” With that, I decide to take some pictures of the tennis balls and their container. The shot I decided to go with and will be turning in will be at the bottom. I liked the lighting on the shot that I chose, and the positioning of the tennis balls, the racket and its container.  I had asked two of my teachers, and as well as a fellow photographer in one of my classes whose opinion I trust.

Onlocation round two-83-Edit


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