Commercial Photography Shooting (Atlanta+Product+ Photograph)

So one of our most recent assignments in school was to shoot a product on location. Now this could be taken very broadly. But the way that I chose to portray this assignment was to shoot the product that I selected to shoot in a type of environment that you would normally see it in. Places like college football games, basket, ball games, etc. Well the other day I went out to my local park and tried to give it a shot.

My original plan was to photograph the bottle of Gatorade from a face on angle. The lighting how ever was going to be off to the camera left side. In order to soften the light from the off camera flash I had put a stofan box on the flash so that the light would be diffused. With that, I also put a ripped open plastic bag over the flash for more delusion. Below you can see the set up. Primitive as it may be it worked.

On_Location-65If you look over to your left, yes this is a pretty primitive set up, BUT it did the job. Here is basically the set up that I will show you in another picture diagram later on. I set the Gatorade bottle down on the tar mak with the basket ball goal behind it (I was shooting landscape, so you couldn’t see the goal either way.) Once the Gatorade bottle was positioned correctly in the frame (with the big “G”being front and center) i positioned the flash about 90 degrees of an angle from the bottle itself. Now, I didn’t have the basket ball I originally wanted to use, so I chose a red bull to try to add a little bit more to the frame. I Was going for that “I choose Gatorade, over the “status quo” of an “red bull” Well. I think it worked out pretty well. In the next diagram. I will show you my directions and intentions in the shoot. At the end of this posting I will show you some of my final images.

On_Location-63When you click on the image to your left you will be able to see what I am talking about a lot better. Basically, as you see in the diagram, the camera is positioned where the lens hood is sitting. The lens itself is pointed towards the Gatorade bottle. It is zoomed out at about 28mm’s, the widest that the lens is capable of going. Focusing the camera on the Gatorade bottle I took the picture. It was bland just having the one bottle in there, so I added two; I put a red bull can in there. I was going for that “my drink gives me more energy then yours.

When I shot it, I didn’t account for the back ground be slightly busier then I wanted to be so I tried to use the shutter to tone down the back ground so it wouldn’t be that distracting. But, it was, so anyways. To like the bottle I used my external flash, put a stofan box on it (I wanted to soften the light as much as I could) and then I also put a a plastic, not so see-through bag over it too to help disperse as well. And that seemed to work. To help kick light back in on the other side of the bottle as well as the ground. I used my milk jug filled with water to act as a bounce to bring a TINY little back in and it feels like did. Below are some of my finals. Take a look.

On_Location-26-Edit On_Location-30 On_Location On_Location-55-Edit On_Location-54-EditThe look that I was going for, I was getting the only thing is HOW I had everything positioned and that of course at this time; hands and or people cannot be in the frame of the shot. So that is the one thing. I will be going back out tonight to photograph. This time on a tennis court. But ill possibly be going to buy a basket ball. We shall see. Hope you enjoyed everything!


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