A Little Bit of Red Revenge (Atlanta Portraits+Fantasy+Fashion)

So the last part of 2012 was a tough one for me- I had lost a lot of motivation because of things that had happened to me over the course of the last few months and it was showing up in my work. Everything became very lack luster. I had been given an assignment in school to do a “Fashion and/or Fantasy” photograph- a project I had been looking forward to since the beginning of the semester.

My first thought for this photograph was to do a violent/dark take. I don’t really know why that thought had come to me, but I wanted to explore the idea artistically. But I was going to use one of my cousins as the main subject. He plays a lot of villainous characters that he is in. Well, due to circumstances beyond my control, I couldn’t do it initially. However, as time went on, I decided to still use him but to do the photograph based on another play that he had acted in- The Lt. Of Inishmore. This play was about a man who had murdered tons of people over in Ireland all be cause his cat was killed. Yes, his cat. Strange reason right? Either way, it’s a relatively dark/gory play. So I had my cousin come up from Macon and pose for me. I will say…he can look like one evil S.O.B.


I took him to a local spot at a park that had a random beat up stair case which lead up to an industrial building on the outside of the park. In black and white it looks so cool. Over grown, beat up and just down right dirty. We set up the single light and the battery back that I used to power it since their was no socket to plug-in. Side note: using the battery packs with the lights is not always the best thing to use. If the pack is not charged completely the power is not the best when the strobe flashes. You also cannot use the modeling light which can be kind of hard.

Once everything was set up. I had him sit on the stair case, shot him from the side, from above and from below. I had a few with out the gun, but then added the gun and the blood in there to bring it out even more and make it look even more creepy. I was happy with the shot.

The next week how ever I was talking to a friend of mine who does photography up in Tennessee, miss Hannah Wheeler (no relation haha). She mentioned that she had a friend that did a red riding hood themed shoot, and I thought, you know, that would be a cool thing as well. BUT, I still wanted to have a dark take on it.  I had a friend lined up who had long black hair and was going to have her model and pose for me, but it fell through and I decided to use my Mom! And I will have to say, I couldn’t be happier.

Red_Ridding_Hood_Tiffs-13I set up the light kit in my back yard, where you really couldn’t see anything except a single bush in the back ground. I also added in the moon and the clouds in post processing as well as the smoke. Everything else was real except those two things. One of the best compliments that I had gotten on this picture was from a graphic designer thinking that it as actually a CG picture! The reason that it looks that way is because the lighting. I had it bare bulb on her and just said…Look towards the light. And it came out awesome.

These two pictures were what brought my motivation back and have allowed me to be more creative than I have ever been before. Look for more of these types of images to come in 2013. The year of Wheeltracks Photograph!


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