Tale Of The Travelers (Atlanta Portrait+Photography+Traveling)

It has been a while since I have written anything on the blog but these past few weeks have given me a lot of motivation to do so. One of the best things that you can have in your life in any given situation is people that care about you. Whether or not you are in a good place and or a bad place. To have someone to turn to to be able to put a smile on your face after a long extended period of down time is one of the best things that anyone can ask for.

Tim C Finals-3I had the opportunity to hang out with my best friend these past two weeks. Tim Chard,  known as Tim_C, Visceral, Time Slut; in the electronic music community has been living over in Tokyo for the past two and a half years. He decided to come back for two weeks in december spending Christmas at home with all of us. A few days ago after we had gotten back from a night in Atlanta I took him to the park and got some photographs of him. Ill have to say that these are some of the better portraits that I have taken in a while. Ill have to give him some credit too cause I didn’t have to tell him to do anything! He just has that personality. haha.

Tim’s passion is music, He has been DJing electronic music such as Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Electro house, and recently began dabbling in an Atlanta,Georgia Pioneered type of electronic music called Trap. Trap music is a hip hop/rap influenced form that has a little bit of everything mixed in. One of the best things to dance too. Over the next few years Tim is planning on developing his music producing more and spinning in front of large crowds. He’ll be throwing his first event called BASSICK in Tokyo on January 11th.

here are some of the others that I took of him that day. one of which will be a photo for his event on the 11th.

Maddy C Finals-3I also had the privilege to photograph the cousin of Tim, Madelyne. She was visiting these past few weeks from Australia. Yes, she has an accent! (even though people at music events think that she is BS’ing, haha)And its Awesome. The day before we photographed her I had photographed her cousin Tim. She saw them, and after seeing Tim’s portraits she asked me if she could get some taken of her, and I was more then happy too. She’s never had her picture taken for portraits! I couldn’t let that continue! I took her up to a local park and snapped some images of her. It was drizzling and over cast but I still am very happy with the images. Please take a look! I will have to say that these images that I took of her are phenomenal. I am VERY pleased with how they came out and am sure she is too. Please look below to see some of the others that I have taken of her.


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