Dabbling In The Creative Side of Portraiture (Atlanta+Portrait+Photography)

Recently at school we as a class got assigned to create a fantasy portrait. We needed to get this idea approved by our professor, and then go out and shoot it. Well, I submitted one. This one to the left in the next paragraph actually. I submitted it the day that I was at class on wensday hopping that it would be approved by the end for the day.

However, I had forgotten that I had sent the contact in for approval.  So, because of that, I went ahead with the idea for the shoot. What you see here to the left is my cousin, who acts in a lot of plays, so i wanted him to portray one of his roles. he normally plays a lot of villainous roles that he is very good at.  In this shot, he is playing one of his more recent roles that is based on a character out of the IRA of Ireland.  My goal with this was to have him look sadistic as possible. The original intention being having him with this gun. on these stairs with victims behind him. Unfortunately the victims were not able to be found so I went with it anyways, and I am pretty happy with the out come.

Now, a few days before this shoot. I was talking to a good photographer friend of mine, and she mentioned that a friend of hers was doing a Red Ridding Hood shoot, and a new idea popped into my head. I wanted to do somewhat of a twisted appeal or look to it. So,  the next day, Friday. I went to a few stores and bout over about 130 dollars in props for this shoot. Everything from fake blood, a wolves masks, Red hooded cape, and fake roman sword. 

The premise behind this shoot was a “revenge” feel. I wanted to make it look as if Red Ridding Hood had finally gotten revenge on the wolf that had eaten her grandma and cause all the problems to her in that portion of her life. In the beginning, I was going to use a younger girl. But I had also tossed up the idea of using my mother. The younger girl. was not able to make it due to circumstances so I asked my mother to do it, and I it could not have worked out better. The image that you see over to your left was one of the many that I had taken. However, the lighting on this one, the positioning of the wolfs head when she was holding, and the way that the sword was laying on the ground MADE this photograph. The lighting made her look weathered and worn down with age, and the blood adds to the effective aspect of the revenge. The smoke as later added in photoshop.

After this particular shoot, I plan on doing a series, focusing on fairy tales, folk tales, and rhymes that many of us were told as children. please keep a look out over the next few months to see my series progress.

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