Expanding On My Video Know-How (Atlanta+Videographer+

We recently got assigned in my Multimedia class that I am taking at Gwinnett Tech in the Photography program to do a one to three minute montage that told a story. I struggled and I mean struggled on what I was going to do for it. I had one Idea, which i had to postpone for a later end of the semester project that we have to write a script for. Then I came up with another idea, an adapted from there.

The story behind this video is basically a nightmare. It starts off  with me as the actor falling asleep while watching TV. If you notice right before I “fall asleep” there, on the TV in the back ground there is something on about crime. Well. as you watch the video, it goes from an early morning/overcast drive, to an early looking drive down the highway to atlanta. At the end of the video, it begins to flash back and forth between all the scenes. On top of this sounds of new clips regarding tragedies and devastation’s. and finally, I wake up. Please check it out below


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