A Night at The Flux Event (Atlanta+Celebrates+Photography+FLUX)

Every year the city of Atlanta has a even during their Atlanta Celebrates Photography period. This period is basically the whole month of September through October. Through out the period, there are tons of photographic and other art events that happen through out the city. But, there is one even that over shadows them all. This event is called FLUX.


Flux is a one night event that takes place in the Castle Berry Hill District of atlanta. If you have ever been to that area you wouldn’t really take it as an artistic place. Being as its somewhat on the edge of the city and you can see the Georgia Dome quite close off in the distance.

But, the night of the event, this two block area of the city transforms in to an artist mecca. Through out the radius of the event you can find anything from galleries filled with paintings, photography, sculptures, etc. You can even find live music events and live interpretive performances. There literally is something from everyone in every corner of the event area. Somethings that are so small you may even miss, but you wouldn’t want too!

Here is a brief description off their website.

Flux Projects
produces exceptional and surprising temporary public art to galvanize Atlanta’s cultural curiosity. Since our first project in February of 2010, we have commissioned 58 works that have taken place in 18 neighborhoods across Atlanta and involved over 300 artists. These diverse projects have explored the variety of public spaces within our city and engaged people during the course of their daily lives. The highlight of our year is Flux Night, which like all of our projects is free to the public.

For even more of a description on what the organization is and what they are all about, please check out fluxprojects.org

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to go to this event and it made it even better once I started running into people that I attend school with not to mention family! Running into my sister had to have been the highlight of my night there.

I strongly suggest that if any of you are into any type of art, to give it a checking out. Its definitely worth going, too look at art, to talk to people, and if anything at least an excuse to get drunk and walk the streets of ATL with a bunch of people that are into the same things that you are!

I took the opportunity to take some pictures as i was walking around last night. but forgive me for them not being the “professional quality” that they should be. I was relaxing for once and having a good time! Check them out below. you can get a feel of the “eclecticness” of the event!



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