The Next Evolution Of Equipment: 7D Update (Canon+Canon Firmware+7D)

Depending on how many of you that read are blog are camera enthusiasts you would know what type of camera the 7D is. If not, that’s ok! The 7D is a digital SLR that Ashley and I shoot with. We have had these cameras since they basically came out and have loved them ever since. Well, since they came out, there has not been any type of the update to the software that already existed on the camera.  That is until this past week. It has been rumored and then announced for a few months, saying that it would be coming out in early August, I myself have been waiting for it to come out. I wanted the update so bad! Below are a few reasons.

maximum burst rate: 25 Raw frames/ 135 JPEG Frames

GPS Compatibility: Yes (Canon GPS Receiver/Third Party like version)

ISO: 100-6400 (previous version was up to 3200)

Raw Processing: Yes (Allowing you to do basic edits of raw images in camera

JPEG Processing: Allows you to resize/crop JPEG images in camera

Manual Audio Manipulation: Allows you to manual adjust audio levels in the video mode of camera.

While these are only some of the new features that are new with the 2.0 firmware update, it is definitely worth the upgrade. I have not completely used my camera and dabbled in the full effect of the new firmware update, but I can definitely see how it will definitely help with the workflow from shooting the image to exporting it from what program I use for either print or digital distribution purposes.

If you would like to take a minute to yourself and look into what all it has to offer in the new firmware update, check out canons website by clicking here.

Till then, thanks for reading! ~ Davison.


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