New Website Look!

Hello Followers!

After debating for hours… heck, even days, we have finally decided to upgrade our website! We chose a new template from our hosting company BluDomain which is simpler, cleaner and much more user friendly. A few new improvements are:

  • Our website is now HTML instead of flash which means… you can now view it on your iPad! We also have a mobile verison of our site specifically for easier viewing on smart phones.  
  • You can save your Favorite photos. If you click the heart icon located next to every image it will save that image to your personal favorites. Clicking the heart icon at the top right of the site will show all of your favorites.
  • Our clients can now SAVE orders in their shopping cart for up to 7 days! This is great espically for our wedding clients who need more than 1 sitting to order their favorite photos.
  • We also have video capability. Any slideshows/videos we create can now be uploaded and viewed right on our website! (Plan to have a sample slideshow up within the next few weeks)

We are very excited about all of the changes and hope you will be too. Please browse around the new site and feel free to contact us with your feedback!

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