A Video Worth A Mention (Atlanta+Cinematography)

Hello all! Through out the last half of this semester in my journey in the Gwinnett Tech Photography Program, I along with the other members of my class were assigned to do a final video.  I wanted to post the final Video that Richard, my partner, and I did. While it went from one idea of just doing a war style theme, to it turning into a comedic beer advertisement with a war feel to it, I believe it came out great. Please check it out below.

Our video was a blast to make and with the short amount time that we had to film it, I think it came together very well. While I do love my video,  I personally believe out of all of ours, it was the most well put together and told one of the coolest stories. I wanted to give a shout out to Nick Nesmith, Heather Hendricks, Eddie Silve, Fabian Elchufa, and Nick Smith. While Nick Nesmith and Eddie Silva were the creators of the actual video each one of them played a role in the final product.  Please check it out! let me know how you all like it and I will definitely make sure to pass the word along to them.

Thanks for watching everyone, and until next time!


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