Happy First Year Harper! (Atlanta + Children Photography)

A few months ago, Ashley and I did a promotion for our business where the person who recoomended the most people to ‘like’ our facebook page over the course of two weeks would win a free photo session with us. The minute we posted that contest it was basically a three-way race between a very loyal client, and two relatively new ones. The client we have been working with for about a year now, Billie, did everything in her power to make sure she won! Every day we saw her post status’ asking friends and family to like our page so she could win her adorable daughter Harper a free session. She ended up getting almost a hundred likes, so naturally she won! We also decided to throw in a free 8×10 print with her win because she got SO CLOSE to 100 likes! Now that we had a winner, it was time  for the photoshoot.

Billie decided on a beautiful location and scheduled it for this past Sunday morning. Thank God, might I add, because it was getting so hot towards the end of the shoot… but it was nice and cool for most of it. We met up around 9:30am at the Athens State Botanical GardensThis is a fabulous place, by the way, for anyone who just wants to get out one day and have a look around at one heck of an awesome flower garden. Once we arived, we reminised a  little about Billie & Remy’s proposal in the very same location, then got to shooting right away! Remy, Harpers Dad, led us to  a few places that might be good to photograph and we definitely took him up on that. Our first stop was a little grassy area right next to where Bille & Remy got engaged.

For the first shot of little Miss Harper, Billie and Remy brought a little pink rocking chair that they painted as well as the letters O-N-E since it was her first birthday! They were very cute and also gave her something to play with while we were shooting. We did a couple of variations with the letters and then just the chair. Ashley focused on the close up shots, while I handled getting more of the wider angles. Once we were satisfied with the  shots in that particular location, we were on to the next place a little bit farther down the path. 

For the next shot we stopped at an arch that had ivy growing all around it. We attempted to have Harper stand up and lean against the side of it… but she had different plans! We then had her sit down on the ground and look at Ashley. We got a few different angles of this and then it was on to the next location.  For the next few shots we sat Harper under a gazebo, in front of some flowers, and then moved on to the “money shot,” the cake smashing!

All in all we had a great time and it is always an enjoyable experience  photographing that darling little girl. Hope you enjoyed the read! To top off this post, we have a special treat with a teaser from that day. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


One thought on “Happy First Year Harper! (Atlanta + Children Photography)

  1. This has been a rough few days for my family with the recent passing of my father and this sweet little photo takes some of our heartache. Thank you for letting us see this! It brightens a very dark time for us.

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