33 Years Of A Festival In Grayson (Altanta+Event Photography)

Yesterday before we made our way out to Richards house to film our video we got up early and went to our towns festival that they have every year. Left the house about 9 a.m. and when we got there it was already jamming with a bunch of people. The festival had already begun but the parade didn’t start till 10 a.m.

We went, parked at the Kroger, walked about over to the park area and sat on the side of the road  in front of the city hall and elementary school on the towns “main drag,” where the parade was going to be.

As we sat down, we looked over to the left there seemed to be what I believe ROTC (at least I believe that is what is was) presenting the american flag for the national athem.  They stood information for about 20 minutes till the actual parade actually started. Once they did, the marched about 100 feet to right in front of the tent where the person that was singing the national anthem was.It is so cool to see how structured and discipline that they are when they are doing this duty. After the beginning of the parade, with the national anthem being sung, the parade started off with members of the same ROTC division.

This time, instead of just the flag men, the ROTC guys had a part of their group with their “show rifles.” If you have ever seen ceremonies done by the armed forces, it’s the white gunes that they use to twirl around themselves and up in the air. They stopped right in front of us  when they were doing their formations and choreography with their guns around, throwing up in the air, and catching them again. That takes a lot of commitment not to mention a lot of practice.

During the quick performance that they gave the crowd, there was one of the performers that stood out. He was just standing there, waiting for his turn to swing his gun, and to move. It gave a really cool feel so we snapped a picture of him just standing there at attention just still and frozen. A very cool picture, just shows him standing a lone at attention waiting for his commander to give him the next command.

As the parade went on there was float after float of local stuff but one part of the parade that needed to be called out. Being as this is the Grayson Days parade, it would not be a parade with out the Grayson High School football team. Both Ashley and I went to Grayson, she going to the technical school and I actually spending all of my four years at school. Through out our time at the school the football team never won a championship, getting very close in the state finales but never actually succeeding. This year on the other hand was their year and they went all the way to the Georgia Dome and won the championship. It was definitely a cool thing to know that the school I graduated from, after only being there for twelve years, finally achieved the goal of a state championship. 

The picture on the right hand side is of the team’s quarterback that helped lead them to the undefeated season they had. It’s nice to know that we can call our towns high school state champs. We have been out of high school for a good number of years but it’s never to late to be proud of something like that.

After that, there was a ton more of stuff, Ashley and I were on a little bit of a time crunch so we got up with a little bit of the parade left and walked around the vendor and artist area.  We got a nice opportunity to talk to a representative of the Loganville-Grayson Patch about possibly beginning to advertise for them. A good start to  a very long day.



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