A Little Bit of War + Beer (Atlanta +Cinematography)

We got assigned in our multimedia class a few weeks ago to get together with a partner of our choosing and go and film a three to six-minute video centered around the theme of light. Well in my choosing of a partner I got together with one of the people I worked with o my last project. Richard and I were tossing around ideas about what to do, and we came up with a war like video with a twist. Basically at the end of the day it actually will end up being a light beer commercial. The premise and the idea that we decided to come up with was a great one.

Richard and I decided to meet up today (Saturday) in his neck of the woods to film the video there was a good back yard at a family members house that was good for the filming of the video. It would take about an hour to get out there so Me and Ashley began to head out about 12 and arrived a little after about 130. As soon as we got there, we began to set up.

Richard and his grandson Joseph were attempting to put together a contraption that would allow us to put dirt together once we started to set up. We ended up trying to use this when the time came for the shot, but it was better for us to just throw dirt in the long run. Those two were finished trying to put that together, we had Joseph go and change into some air force attire that one of our fellow classmates let us borrow for our video. That was such an awesome thing for them to do. He had a full uniform to change into along with a helmet, a gas mask, can-tine, and a back pack. He only ended up using the uniform and helmet as well as a hat that he used in a scene that was not a battle environment.

Once Joseph got dressed we got to filming. The first scene we filmed was the end of the movie, that’s usually what is done in a lot of movies/videos when things are being filmed. It honestly just made sense for us so that we wouldn’t have him dirty when was coming home. After those scenes were filmed, we went to the war scenes.

Our first scene was of him coming out of the woods. We did a few takes and the picture of too the left was one of the angles that was filmed. We were lucky enough to be using three cameras, I had Ashley come and help us film so we could get three angles instead of just Richard and I filming and not having as many angles as we could film. My position was from the from camera left that you see in the picture at the beginning of the paragraph. Richard was right in front of him, head on, and Ashley was on camera right to get him from the other angle. The picture on the right side of this paragraph is from her vantage point. 

After this shot, we got a few more, one of a toy plane flying over the actor in an out of focus manner, one of him being hit by a bomb right next to him, and also one of him waking up and vowing not to die after seeing a flash back of his wife. We filmed the scenes with the wife at first in the welcome home scene as well as the last shot of the day at a lake in the neighborhood, which might I add was a huge lake. (Come to find out after Richard explained it to me, the neighborhood used to be a big catfish fishery were you could go pay to catch them.)

Overall, I feel like this is definitely going to be a well put together video and I can’t wait to see the final outcome, we have two weeks to get it edited and I feel like we are definitely on the ball and ahead of the game! I will post up the video as soon as it is done.



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