A Little Taste of Gracefruit (Atlanta Portrait Photography)

For the past few months, we have been trying to meet up with a good friend of ours named Grace to take pictures. This girl is a relatively big figure in the electronic music scene in Atlanta. Grace, along with her brother Tim and another one of our friends Mike basically rose the scene from a dull few years. We always knew that she would be a great subject and we were dying to have a photo session with her, just cause! Well we finally got the chance this weekend.

We decided the other day that we were going meet up around noon. Gave us all a chance to sleep in ūüėČ The day was a great day to shoot. The sun was out,¬†temperature¬†was not to hot, not to cold, pretty much just perfect. It was a tad on the windy side, but it honestly worked in our favor I believe. Where we shot was also not that windy since it was mostly in the woods that were blocked by trees.

We went to a park called Tribble Mill Park that we all know relatively well. The park has a really nice covered walkway off one of the parking lots that is a fantastic place to have pictures done. The first place we had her pose was next to the railings of the covered bridge. (Over to the right is Ashley fixing her hair before the shot.)

Grace did a fantastic job through out the whole entire time we were shooting… such a great subject! After we got her ready and posed, we did a simple shot: I stood on the side of her right next to the railing shooting her. Shot from one focal length to the next just so I could make sure I got several different distances to choose from.

The next shot we did was in the same spot but a different pose. Instead of her only leaning on the railing with one side we had her lean her back against it with both arms up right next to her (There you have Ashley once again getting her directors mind on). ¬†Ashley wanted to make sure that you could see Grace’s technicolor¬†hair, which was one of the main things that we wanted to make sure we focused on. That hair is a big part of her personality!

After the bridge we decided to walk a little down farther on the path, taking pictures of her walking as we were heading to our next spot.  She is extremely photogenic, always happy with nothing but a big smile on her face.

So one of the last places that we took a few photographs was a wall that was over the left side of the walkway that we were on. For a few of the shots we had her sit up at the corner of the stone wall. I got a few shots of her from below where she would be looking down and then climbed up on the wall to get some from above. The picture that you see over on the right hand side was after we had asked her to lay down on the wall so we could get a picture of her relaxing with her awesome hair spread out so we could see all the colors.   We got some really good shots when she was in this pose, both with her headphones on and without them. The lighting was perfect here.

The final few shots were on a path over to an open area of grass. I don’t have any pictures of this area, I was focused more on getting the lighting correct! We sat her down in a little area with some over grown grass and flowers… but the final shot was ¬†in an open grass area for the “money shot!” We sat her down indian style and had her look at the camera. I shot right in front of her while Ashley held a diffuser (by the way, that thing was NOT fun to hold when its windy!!!). I then handed the camera over to Ashley to let her get the one shot that we had both been talking about. Grace is a very free-spirited woman, loves life, loves nature and is just an awesome presence to be around. Because she loves music and is the way she is with nature and just her over all presence, we wanted to have her headphones “plugged into nature,” Basically showing that she just loves the sights and sounds of nature, but also giving nudge to what she also loves, music.

Above all, this was an awesome shoot. All of us were so comfortable being around one another and there was nothing but laughs throughout the entire shoot! We are so honored to have finally been able to photograph her and are so happy with the results. Thank you Gracefruit!


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