Surreal Landscapes In Unseen Colors (Infrared Photography)

Over the past few weeks I have been dabbling in the idea of Infrared Photography. For my final project I have decided to do infrared and will be more than likely having something to do with landscapes, but I haven’t really decided yet. The first thing that I will have to say about this form of photography is that it is all trial and error. Completely trial and error. Going to the same spot three maybe four different times, it took me almost 100 pictures to get it EXACTLY how I wanted. That isn’t even the start of it, when I first got the filter. I had no idea how to use it. The white balance was off, there was too much magenta in the pictures that I was taking and in post processing not all of it was coming out unless I did a ton of post processing.  Well I finally figured it out and I am SO happy. Below is my final image and an example of how much I am beginning to dominate this form of photography. I also will say that I believe I will keep doing this type of photography as that I LOVE the way that landscapes look, especially since taking pictures of landscapes is my first love. I hope you enjoy this pictures.


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