Make Pictures Look Surreal. (HDR Photography)

So, One of our recent assignments in my Visual Theory Two class was to bracket an image and using the software Photomatix, create a HDR image. I haven’t really ever liked HDR that much, as it just looks to fake to me most of the time. But, I must say, it actually doesn’t look half bad depending on what you actually take a picture of. If I am to like an HDR photograph, it would honestly have to be a picture of a landscape. Pictures of buildings and cars are cool but they just don’t, in my opinion, do the form of photography justice. I believe that this form of photography looks best in landscapes. It allows landscapes to look dramatic, allows them to pop off the picture, and just look darn cool. So, this leaves me to show you all mine. I do not think that this is the GREATEST picture that I have ever taken, but I do believe it looks relatively good.


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