A Dark Night Turned Into Light (Light Painting Photography)

Ok, so the last post that I did was a primitive effort of light painting. It was my first attempt an honestly it did not come out well. Heck it honestly wasn’t even in focus and I did not realize that till after the fact. Either way, I went over to Ashley’s (My Girlfriend) house an did the shot I have been wanting to do all a long. Although there was a twist too it. Originally I was going to do it from a wide-angle showing the shed and possibly a tree house a swing set that she has in her back yard.  It turned out a little differently. I got to her house after I left school, went on the deck to kind of visualize what I wanted and saw it.

I decided to set up on the deck instead of in the grass. There was a chair sitting in what was a garden that her dad tends too at certain times of the year, so I figured it would be a very cool thing to go along with the barn/shed she has behind it. Over to the left is the final image that I came out of the that night with. This was a total of about 10 images all put together. I am really glad to how it came out and that Chair for some reason helped the image out A LOT. Helps draw your eye around all of the image. I hope you guys enjoy it!


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