Gabereall Jackson (Atlanta Children Photography)

Remember this adorable 3 month old baby boy?

Let me tell you his story. The Jackson family discovered their baby would be born with Truncus Arteriosus at 20 weeks into the pregnancy. Truncus Arteriosus develops during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy. Normally during this growth process, the main blood vessel in the heart split into two arteries: the aorta (pumps oxygen rich blood into the body) and the pulmonary artery (pumps oxygen poor blood into the lungs to receive oxygen). With Truncus Arterious, the two arteries don’t separate… allowing oxygen rich blood and oxygen poor blood to mix together (AKA your body will not get enough oxygen).

[I’m sure someone else has explained this better… If you’d like to read more please visit Children’s Heathcare of Atlanta‘s website! <– Go ahead… click it!]

At 5 days old, Gabereall underwent open heart surgery to correct this defect and will need to undergo several more throughout his life as his heart grows. Now he is 2 weeks shy of 11 months old and is always smiling! He recently came over and we had a great little play date. I know some of you remember the photo above and have asked about this little boy often… so for those of you who remember, and even for those who don’t… here is an update!


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