Spring in the Winter Time. No, Warm+Cool Tones! (Photography)

So, Davisons most recent assignment in his Visual Theory class was to capture a picture that consisted of warm and cool tones together. The idea was to get around 50 percent of each, but what was there to take a picture of? Well, we went around to certain places trying to figure out what might work, then ended up at a playground at a local park. There was part of a playground that had repetitive colors of blue and yellow which fit the bill. It also had patterns of small and big circles going on a certain direction. Now the only thing was to frame it right. To do that, Davison climbed up on the slide (yes, a 25-year-old man, climbing on a slide to get a picture). Set the camera at a certain angle and snapped the picture. He took it a couple of times to try to get the right shot and finally ended up getting it. Here is the image below:

 The idea behind this photograph was to capture the shadows in a repetitive pattern as well as the pattern of the circles while maintaining the 50/50 mentality of the picture for the warm and cool tones. That is what this pictures does.


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