Is that Winter I See? Nope, Just Cool Tones!

Ok, so about a week or so ago, I made a post regarding a warm tone assignment that I had been assigned in our Visual Theory class at school. Well, it’s not this week and we have now been assigned a Cool Tone assignment. Go figure right? Anyhoo, lets move on. When we got the assignment, I was not really sure what I wanted to shoot. Given that we had almost  6 hours between our class and our lab, I decided to go ahead and go shoot. Not believing that there was that much around where I lived, I decided to go downtown to shoot. I didn’t really see much though, Shot a few things here and there, but nothing really caught my fancy. The first one that I got Is what you see over to the right. It was actually the first shot that I took. I honestly like it, I really do. However, My teacher did not.  She stated while there is a good amount of cool tones and it is a good picture, there is too much neutral tones in the image.  So because of that I was back to the drawing board. She did say that if it would hold up in printing, I could use the area in the picture that had the purple mountains. I tried it, and I failed, they did not hold up.

So with that, I went on to the next picture. This was another picture that I had taken while I was down there. I had gone into a shop and took a photograph of this roll of metallic material that was on a counter. Had some cool tones too it, a dark magenta, blue and green. There was a brighter red on the bottom, which can technically be considered a cool tone, but because we had not dived too much into it, she only wanted us to stick to the obvious. She also said that it would be a lot better too if there was something else in front of the rolls instead of them just being the rolls of the metallic material. Now, I can see where she is coming from when it comes to that. While it looks pretty cool its honestly not THAT exciting of an image.

So what do I do now? All of the images that I wanted to use were basically given the nix (rightfully so I will add). So that meant I needed to go back out in the morning the next day and shoot before open lab time at 1. That’s what I did. I had an idea of what I wanted to shoot, but when I go there, there wasn’t really anything that was exciting. When I got back to my car from my location, I saw two dumpsters that were a rich green and a dark blue.

This is the image over on the right hand side. While it did fit the assignment, it was just blah to me. So I looked back at some of the other stuff that I did not really like at first from when I went downtown. I know that it was perfect for the assignment, which was to get 95 percent cool tones and 5 percent warm (there is not any warm tones in there that I can tell). Either way, I didn’t really know what to do. So, because of that, back to the drawing board I go.

So here we go, bout three hours till I go to open lab and this is the last day that I can print something out before I am not able to because of the weekend. I went back to the images that I had taken downtown because I knew I had some pictures of walls that I didn’t really like at first. Plus they were really flat right out of the camera. But that’s what photoshop is for right? After a little tweaking, o.k. a LOT of tweaking, I finally had an image to use, not only did it fit the assignment, but in my opinion it was interesting. I have posted it below in full size so that you can all see it.

So this is the one that I really like. It has many cool tones and barely any warm. which is what the assignment as all about. I think this one looks really good. There was another one that was pretty much like it but the focusing was not as good. so this is the one I have chosen and will mount it and turn it in on Monday.

Till next time.



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