Warm Tones in Winter! (Color Photography)

So here is an update on what we are doing in my program this week. The most recent assignment we got assigned is to take a photograph of a warm toned subject. It cannot be too cool though. Basically it has to be 95% warm and 5% cool. Talk about HARD. I had the intention of the sunset and it turned out to be this. The picture I LOVE, but it has to many cool tones. I was not as happy with it because of the amount of blue that was still in the image, so I decided to take a picture of it again.  The first attempt is seen over to the right. I did a few things to it, like color balancing the image as well as put a levels layer on it to make it pop. I brought the exposure down a tad so that It was not as bright. As I said I liked this one but I did not like it at first. Oh and I forgot to mention, I actually cropped it own a good amount. Did not want as much black in it.

My second attempt was about the same but the color was as tad bit different. I decided to go a little lighter on the tone and wanted to get the bigger tree in it a little bit more. I did pretty much the same thing on this picture as I did on the other on.  This one was definitely my favorite of the two, but I decided to give it a shot on a little bit more on something else instead of the sunsets. The second shot is this image over here on the left hand side of the post, I am really fortunate enough to get amazing sunsets out in the front of my house.

So for my next few attempts I decided to go with something different. I found a set of drill bit holders and a spool of wire sitting in a garage that fit the bill of the assignment. I just got down a little low and shot. When I did the assignment I decided to crop it in a little bit though so the back ground was not as distracting. This is the image over here on the right side. The colors really pop on it in my opinion and I did not like it at first till I looked at it again this morning and it really looks cool to me. But its not the one that I have turned in. It definitely will be my back up though, I have two days to figure out what I want to do with it.  I am really like this picture the more and more that I even think about it. I guess I will have to see when it comes to tomorrow.

Below is the image that I have decided to go with, This picture is the one that I took right as I was deciding to give up because I was not exactly happy with anything that I had already taken. It had gotten really dark, but I lit the candle and took the picture head on from the magnifying glass. The tones are VERY warm and fit the the percentages that they should. I love how you can see the candle very well.

Check out some other good examples over on a classmates of mine blog. click here!

Thanks for reading!



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