A Photographic Titan Falls, Kodak Files for Bankruptcy. (Photography)

So I am a little late posting on this as it was pretty much announced in the middle of January that Kodak would be filing for bankruptcy. Now, although its chapter 11 and doesn’t mean that they are going out of business, they will more than likely not be the same business.

Not being the same business means that they could possibly end the production of things like certain films that they are still producing, but are loosing money on. This could also mean a consolidation fo the camera’s that they are still producing.  It has yet to be seen as to what they are going to actually restructure as they complete details of the restructure to my knowledge have not been released yet.

I have personally noticed a lack there of in product from the camera aspect of this company over the past few years while I have been working in retail selling camera’s. Since 2005, I have seen fewer and fewer camera’s come out onto the market from them and only recently have I seen them bring out something that caught on, their pocket camcorders. which is shown on the right.

These camcorders were in my opinion instrumental in putting flip camcorders out of business. Kodak was the first company to come out with a pocket full 1080p camcorder with external memory. Flips on the other had been only internal memory with  and at most would only go up to 8gb’s. On top of that they were only 720p. Now I know that this cannot save Kodak, but it was a good step in the right direction in my view as a small way of re-inventing themselves

This is an unfortunate thing for photography students such as myself whom still from time to time will be needing to purchase film that they make. Now I know that there are other brands out there that are used but being a “tried and true” brand, Kodak is the go too when it comes to anything to do with film. It will be interesting to see which areas of the company that they actually take away and or combine.

for mor information please check out one of the original articles I have referenced on DPreview. click here


Kodak has been around since the early 1900’s where its creator developed the first consumer oriented camera.  Having been the dominant company in the industry, many of the products that we have come to love today were pioneered by this company. Its unfortunate that they could not keep up with the digital age like Canon, Nikon and many other photography companies could.


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