Finally the FINAL Four (Atlanta Photography)

So I wanted to take some time out and share the final result of what has been consuming my life over the past few months. In the Photography program at Gwinnett Tech. Our final project for the first semester is called the Final Four. For this project, we pick a subject and basically shoot until we drop.  To pick the final four photographs, it’s a series of elimination factors that take place. Not only do they have to be good photographs, but the four of them have to line up with one another and not have a repetitive “like” to one another.

Having to go through this process is honestly a tough one. I am fortunate enough to have an eye for what looks good in black and white as I LOVE taking black and white photographs. If I could do that for the rest of my career I would. Cars are another passion of mine and wanting to take a spin on OLD cars and do a Run down and or Broken down theme was a good idea to go with in my eye.  Because of I assume you could call it my experience with both and knowledge of where to go and how to use and compose angles properly. I was fortunate enough to not have to shoot as much as many other people, let alone have to drive far distances and re-think many of my shots.  Only thing that was really needed was slight adjustments on angles and or doing a wider or narrow shot.

So this brings me to my final four images. After shooting I would guess probably about a thousand images, These four images that you will see below are the ones that I personally like, flow well together, and were approved by my teachers. From start to finish, it’s a world of difference between the raw file that came off my computer, to the final product, and here they are:

I have worked really hard on all of these photographs, a lot of editing has gone into them and I hope that you all Like them. They in my opinion are gorgeous photographs and are example of the passion that I love to put into this art. I only hope that as I go through this program; my knowledge, experience, and imagination along with my skill level will improve to standards and levels that I never thought that could happen. Please keep watch on my progress, I love to hear comments albeit good or bad!

Take care and enjoy yourselves



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