Cotton Field – (Atlanta Photographers)

When someone mentions cotton, the first thing I normally think about is a t-shirt! Most are made of cotton: a nice, warm material that is washable and comfy. I never really stop and think about where cotton starts in the process of becoming an awesome Big-Bang Theory shirt! (Yes, one of our favorite shows too!)

As we were driving around the other day looking for some inspiration through our lenses,  we drove past a small opening of trees that revealed a vast cotton field. Of course we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture such a beautiful sight. Looking at the seemingly never ending field of puffy cotton, I started to really think about the entire process that goes into making that cotton usable for manufactures. It’s hard to believe a field like that was once picked entirely by hand! Thank goodness for technology… it makes this process MUCH faster and way more productive! Take a look at this video to see how this new technology helps! 

Here are some photos from that day! We hope you enjoy them!


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