Narrowing down to the Final Four ( Atlanta Photography)

So the title of this post sounds like something that you would associate with the basket ball season. But its not. With Davison being in his first semester of school at Gwinnett Technical College, his has been photographing up a storm.  At the final part of the semester, the students at this school are asked to come up with a topic and basically shoot until they drop. Davison chose to shoot old cars. Now old cars can have a rather board variety but he wanted to narrow down to old cars with a rusted and broken down appeal. Below are some examples.

These are some of the ones that were picked by his professors after his first round. The idea is to get as many “Liked” by your professors as possible. Once you print out as many as possible. The professors will then lay out ALL of the work prints and then pick your FINAL four photographs. Its a long tedious process, filled with a ton of photographing and going back to the same locations over and over again. It will be interesting what he will have picked once all is said and done.


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